Jorn-Hendrik Weitkamp, M.D.

Associate Professor
Faculty Appointments
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
M.D., Medicine, Universität Ulm, Ulm, Germany
Office Address
1125 MRB IV / Light Hall

2215 B Garland Ave
Nashville, TN 37232-9566
Research Description
Necrotizing entercolitis (NEC) is the most common gastrointestinal emergency in premature infants. Immaturity of gastrointestinal host defenses and deregulated immunological and inflammatory responses are major factors in NEC. FOXP3-positive regulatory T cells (Tregs) are specialized CD4+ T cells that regulate innate and adaptive immune responses. Very little data exist on the ontogeny of Tregs in the murine and human gastrointestinal tract.

We developed a reliable and efficient method for the isolation of intestinal lamina propria mononuclear cells from surgically resected intestinal tissue samples from infants with and without NEC. We are using flow cytometry, cytokine and T cell suppression assays, and molecular techniques to analyze phenotypic and functional properties of these cells.

By studying the development of effector and regulatory T cells in human infants, we will gain knowledge about gastrointestinal immune development, its role in neonatal and adult disease pathogenesis and how it is influenced by environmental factors such as nutrition and bacterial colonization.
Research Keywords
Gastrointestinal immune development; necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC); FOXP3; immunology; infectious disease; neonatology
Clinical Research Keywords
Neonatal infectious diseases, sepsis marker, health-care associated infections, quality improvement
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Available Postdoctoral Position Details
Posted: 5/22/2012
Motivated candidates with a strong background in immunology, cell biology, or molecular biology are encouraged to apply. We are looking for a dedicated and scientifically curious individual with research experience in flow cytometry, histochemistry, cell culture or signal transduction. Additional training as necessary will be provided.