Pierre P. Massion, M.D.


Faculty Appointments
Professor of Medicine Professor of Cancer BiologyCornelius Vanderbilt Chair in Medicine
M.D., Medicine, Universiti Catholique de Louvain, Louvain, BelgiumB.S., Biology, Universiti Catholique de Louvain, Louvain, Belgium
Office Address
640 PRB
TN 6838
Research Description
1. Role of chromosome 3q in lung cancer. Selection of candidate genes driving a genomic amplicon on Chromosome 3q. Focus on functional genomics for candidate driver genes on chromosome 3q such as p63 and PIK3CA. RO1 funded.

2. Proteomic approach to preinvasive lung cancer. Protein profiling of preinvasive lesions in bronchial biopsy and invasive lung cancer by MALDI MS; Identification of discriminatory proteins by LC-MSMS proteomics; Image analysis. funded by RO1 and SPORE in lung cancer.

3. Lung cancer biomarker discovery and validation. Identification of discriminatory proteins between lung cancer and controls after multidimensional mass spectrometry analysis of biological specimen and Phage-display recombinant antibody library (serum, plasma or pleural fluid). Funded by Vanderbilt SPORE in lung cancer, VA Merit review grant, ASCO research award and EDRN Clinical Validation Center (U01).

4. Inflammation and cancer. We are working on 3 proteins. PPAR delta in lung tumorigenesis (Pedchenko, 2008), Role of serum amyloid A in regulating apoptosis in lung cancer cells, and pIgR as a potential tumor suppressor gene in lung cancer (Polosukhin, 2007). Work supported by Damon Runyon Foundation and a Vanderbilt Discovery Grant.
Research Keywords
The laboratory of Dr. Massion emphasis is on lung tumorigenesis and on using genomic and proteomic approaches to identify molecular markers of lung neoplasia and to test those in multidisciplinary early detection strategies.
Clinical Research Keywords
Lung cancer, biomarkers, early detection, tobacco, chemoprevention
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