Jeffrey A. Clanton, M.S.

Associate in
Faculty Appointments
Associate in Radiology and Radiological Sciences
M.S., University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CaliforniaB.S., Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama
Office Address
Dept. of Radiology and Radiological Sciences
MRB1, Room 1251
Nashville, TN 37232-2675
Research Description
Manager, Cyclotron Facility:
Manage cyclotron facility for clinical and research use as well as repair and maintenance.
Clinical Description
Director of Radiopharmacy Services;
Mange the production and distribution of all radiopharmaceuticals in the Vanderbilt network. This includes in-house compounding and research radiopharmaceuticals.
Research Keywords
Cyclotron, PET radiotracers
Clinical Research Keywords
Radiopharmaceutical, Ga-68
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